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Nike Green/Blue/Black Cargo Zip Off Pants & Fanny Pack Set


Vintage Nike Reworked into Cargo Zip Off Shorts & Bikini Set. Legs convert into Fanny Pack for storage.

*Waist is 25-28”, would best fit a Small/Medium

Product Description:

- Zip off legs converts into fanny pack for storage

-Vintage Nike Reconstructed

- Signature rework Nike Detachable Lettering Pockets

- Zip Off legs converts into fanny pack for storage

-Signature Bra Zipper Pocket

-Multi Cargo Pockets

- 1 Detachable Pocket Bags

- Waist Elastic Band and drawstring for comfortable fit

The waistband can extend 4”.

Inseam Length 30”

*Handmade in Los Angeles

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